Faroese Postmarks

The 1919 Provisional Period

New postal rates came into effect on 1st January 1919, the most significant change raising the local letter rate from 5 to 7 ore.
Due to shipping delays the newly issued 7 ore stamps did not arrive on the islands until the evening of 23rd January.

Limited existing stocks of 1 ore and 2 ore stamps use to supplement the 5 ore stamps were soon exhausted. As a result the postal headquarters in Copenhagen instructed Torshavn postal officials to start bisecting existing 4 ore stamps on 3rd January and to use them as 2 ore. Although it is believed that the official period of use lasted until 31st January, most were used before 14th January.

Bisected 4ore with 5ore on local cover cancelled Torshavn 11.1.1919

With copies of the 4 ore stamp running short further permission was granted to produce a local 2 on 5 ore overprint. Each overprint was applied by hand using printer's type set into the base of a chair leg. Some very uneven overprints were produced as a result, including double and partly double overprints.

Provisional 2/5 ore
(unused, with certificate)
Awaiting image

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